Trending Athleisure Looks

Athleisure wear is just like other styles of fashion, in that it’s always changing and trends are constantly coming and going. Here are some trends that are in right now and that you should be keeping your eye out for if you want an Athleisure wardrobe that is versatile. Bold colors are always a plus, and what better way to express your inner self than with a bright color that shines as bright as you do? Don’t be afraid to pair a neon green top with your grey yoga pants and black shoes. The pop of color will make you stand out from the crowd. Cut outs are also huge in Athleisure fashion right now, and if you’ve been buying leggings and yoga pants recently you’ll notice mesh cutouts up and down the sides or fronts of these bottoms.

The cut outs are simple and sleek ways to show off the right amount of skin to make you feel edgy, yet appropriate to wear to the office for an important meeting. Another trend is comfortable size options for everyone! Athleisure clothing comes in a wide arrange of sizes and the stretchy fabrics used for these clothes can fit and mold to the unique shape of your body. With this though, you should always buy clothes that fit you and ignore the size that’s on the tag. Being in clothes that fit comfortably will make you feel great and look even greater. This brings us to our last trend which to me is the most important trend of them all… CONFIDENCE! Always be confident in what you wear, how you wear it, and who you are on the inside. The more confident you are the more it’ll show to others and you’ll glow like the star you know you are. :)