Revel Guide to Athleisure Style

The new tracksuit. Push an ultra-cool, athleisure look by keeping it monochromatic. Focus on fresh silhouettes as your key pieces. This combo will modernize any daily look. 
Layer up with a pop of color. Accent any neutral look with a signature piece like our Revel's Reversible Crop Jacket in yellow (Nylon ripstop shell) & black (reversed neoprene side). Flip inside out for an outfit refresh. Color is the perfect spark of confidence and playfulness in any outfit.
Revel's go-to Winter Peacoat works with any outfit this season. Rock it for a quick grocery run or your New Year's Eve party! This peacoat keeps your fashionably cozy and gives you 2-way wear options with just a reversible zip. 
2. Cobalt blue bralette top (coming soon)
Make your black basics bolder! We all know that black compliments the figure and refines any look. But why not stand out even more? Choose black basics with interesting cuts, silhouettes, new textures & abstract details then pair them together! 
Credits Photography: Darrin Baldridge  | Model: Jada  | Art Direction: Kayla Jones | Styling: Inez Galvez | Make-up: Tamra Marie | Production Assistant: Denise Zafra