Revel MVP Spotlight: Emilia Ortiz


Revel MVP Spotlight: Emilia Ortiz

Meet one of our Revel muses, Emilia Ortiz! A Brooklyn-based poetess, inspirational feminist of color, and #spiritualmami who channels light and love to empower all women. We had the pleasure to outfit her in Revel’s latest new arrivals, as well as speak in depth about what inspires her and her life in Brooklyn.
 What is your name & what do you usually go by?
My name is Emilia Ortiz—I go by E or E Ortiz.
 How did you come up with your IG handle?
I always loved the word Ethereal and the way it describes an unearthly beauty. I added the '1' at the end because “@Ethereal” was taken, and realized it had a double meaning. 'E The Real 1' and 'Ethereal1' both describe me perfectly. Just felt right.
As a poetess & rhymer, you passionately speak about women of color. How do your experiences as a woman of color influence your work & message?
Women have faced many hardships throughout history, and still do today. Women of color though have had it exceptionally hard. Our rights always came second to that of white women: white feminist groups often didn’t wan’t to have intersectional feminism, they didn’t want to push issues that were directly affecting WOC. We have been on the forefront of every human rights movement, the burden bearers as well. Yet we are often left hung out to dry when it comes to our own issues. I want to shed light on our issues, because these issues are not just ones that affect me directly, they will affect my future daughters. I want there to be change for future generations and for our own. I want to live in a world where I don’t have to worry three times as much because I’m not only a woman, but one of color. I want the same for all women of color. Being that sometimes medicine is best delivered with a little sugar, I hope that through my poetry & rhymes people will be able to receive what I’m saying without feeling threatened.
Who is your role-model and why?
I have a few: my Abuelita, my Dad, & Tupac. All three of them have, in their own way, contributed to how I want to go about helping the world. They all came from rough backgrounds and endured hard times but always had a pure heart. They may have had dark times, but their desire to help others in some way was undeniable even in those times.
 Are there any books, texts, or blogs that have a major influence on you?
That is always changing for me as my needs change...I tend to gravitate towards different works. One book that I’ve been reading has been influencing me a lot and is titled ‘The New Divine Feminine’ by Meghan Don.
You’ve written and published your own book. What is the title & what inspired it?
The title is ‘In Bed With A Sag.’ I wanted people to look at sex in a different way. I wanted to speak on things considered “nasty” or “freaky” and show that they are beautiful forms of expressing how we feel about another person. I wanted to show the beauty in the exchange of energy during that act.
What was the most challenging part about writing a book?
I am my worst critic, so there was a lot of throwing out & starting over going on.

How did you get past those challenges?
I buckled down and told myself to quit being so hard on myself. It all worked out.

Are there any favorite lines from your work you feel truly reflect YOU?
This one isn’t from the book but I think it best reflects me: ‘Trust when I say, there is not a soul on this planet who lives without strife//We All face battles everyday B, some are just better at using their light//Channeling the love in their heart to make thing’s right//You can too, if you decide to lace your gloves with love, before your next fight with life”.
You go by ‘Spiritual Mami & Healer’, could you share more about your spiritual practice?
I believe in energy healing. A lot of what I believe in is rooted in the Brujeria taught to me by my Abuelita. Working with energy, nature, ancestors, magic, and creator to heal.
How did you find your spirituality?
My Abuelita taught me most of what I know. I started seeking spiritual advisors and teachers for guidance in being a healer in the modern world while still using the ‘old ways.’

If you could offer advice to anyone interested in learning more, what would it be?
I suggest picking up books by Linda Goodman, Edgar Cayce, ‘The World Before’ by Ruth Montgomery are all good places to start with understanding, & expanding your spiritual reality.
    What makes you most proud about being from Brooklyn?
    The mindset I was given by way of being raised by Brooklyn streets. Respect is everything: how you approach others is as important as the reputation that is repeated when someone mentions your name. Like Big said, "Spread love it’s the Brooklyn way."
     How has that upbringing impacted who you are today?
    It’s helped shape me into the tough but loving woman I am. I love and advocate for others with a fierceness that many admire. It’s just part of who I am.
    It’s a big question, but what do you think your life’s purpose is?
    I truly believe our life purpose is to learn to love unconditionally… to create, put new life into the world (in all aspects, not just children). To elevate our souls to a state of “perfection” and to elevate this world. Which I do think we’ve gotten a bit off track from as a whole.
    What words of empowerment do you have for other women?
    Save yourself, because Disney and all the other fairytales have been written to make us dependent on others instead of looking inside for the strength to go on. We have the strength to do anything, the sensitivity to be in tune with what ever frequency we need in order to succeed. We create life, we can create anything we need, including a way out.
    I start my day by… telling myself how much I love me, & am loved.
    I elevate myself by… saying “I surround myself with only love & light."
    I elevate others by… reminding them they are loved, they are important, they have purpose.
    Empowerment means… a feeling of finding strength you didn’t know you had.
    Health means… loving yourself.
    Spirituality means… loving the universe.
    Being authentic is… the best way to be free.
    Breaking boundaries means… going where others have never gone before.
    Confidence is… self love.
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    Photography: Caro Ramirez (@bloobandit)
    Hair/Makeup: MaryKate Osick (@Marykateosick)
    Styling: Inez Galvez (@nezzifresh)
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