Instagram Influencer Interview with Jia Singh

World traveler, style maven, and health enthusiast Jia Singh gives Revel an inside look at what inspires her and how she lives her inspirational life of travel and wanderlust! 



How did you come up with your name and/or IG handle?

Well I've been preoccupied with both travel and wellness for as long as I can remember. Most people who know me well know that I'll always be first in line to try an anti gravity class or check into a sleep clinic. Thus, the name was born out of a need to explore both and find holistic solutions for a better, healthier and happier life.

What does your name (wander for wellness) mean for you - How has it impacted you are today?

Well, I was born in a country that neglects health and is undoubtedly the diabetes and cardiac disease capital of the world. We work too hard, don't move enough, stress too much and don't know how to eat well to nourish our bodies. Wellness means more to me than looking good and fitting into a bandage dress. To me, it's a journey you embark on one day at a time. Its eating mindfully, practicing moderation and learning to stress less or destress.

Where are you from and where are you currently based?

I was born in New Delhi India but I'm fortunate to have been able to travel a lot. I've been writing as a travel and wellness influencer/ writer which has given me the opportunity to travel far and wide for yoga retreats, ayurvedic immersions and fitness resorts..

When and how did you get into fitness & travel?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I love to travel. Everyone knows that I can’t be in the same place for too long. I need to get around, explore different places, immerse myself in the culture and meet the locals as well as partake in their food and traditions. I started traveling in my country before I opted for longer trips overseas and before I knew it, I was hooked. Fitness is something that interests me quite a bit because I love movement and I love experimenting with different kinds of workouts. When I’m overseas, I do a lot more pilates on the cadillac and reformer, spin classes and crossfit. Whereas, when I’m home, I like to do more acro yoga, boxing and swimming. I love how a good workout a few times a week helps beat stress to the curb, fills you with endorphins/ happy hormones and leaves you feeling and looking great.

How do you define your style?

I love lines that are comfortable and easy to carry out from day to night. I need clothing that is comfortable, chic and breathable because I'm on the move a lot. I would say my style is playful with a touch of functional.

How do your experiences & knowledge, as a woman of color, influence your work & message to empower others?

Well, Rupi Kaur, Nikita Gill, Maya Angelou, Hannah Bromfman and Alex Elle have done a lot in this department, already.  I feel like its important to spread the message of body positivity. I didn't get bullied growing up but I know a lot of people who did and it’s a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through. As women and as influencers, we have to find it in ourselves to be supportive and lift each other up. Everyone is born different and we have to celebrate our fine lines, wrinkles, colour, complexion and embrace our uniqueness. You shouldn't be condoned, sidelined or  singled out on the basis of your colour. I think the fact that media and mainstream fashion is becoming more inclusive really helps people of colour flourish and thrive in our own right.

It’s a big question, but what do you think your life’s purpose is?

Well honestly I think we are all here to make a difference. I would love to do my bit by encouraging people to be more authentic about their journey. We all have battles and bad days but knowing you can talk about them is the first step to healing. I also feel like I would like to do my bit to destigmatize divorce in India as my separation taught me a lot and shaped me into the woman I am today. We learn the biggest lessons from adversity and I want to help people by opening up about my story.

What words of empowerment and advice do you have for other women chasing their passions

Stay authentic and be consistent about the message you are looking to spread. Success won't come overnight so you have to be patient. Be careful about who you decide to work with and have a discerning eye. Build relationships and do stuff to support your peers.