How to Incorporate Athleisure Style Into Your Everyday Look!

Have you noticed the emerging athleisure styles on the runway, fashion magazines, and celebrities? Have you been wanting to take part in the world of Athleisure trends and styles? Maybe you never knew where to shop, or if the style is for you and your lifestyle. This post will shine some light on the simple, easy, and fun ways to vamp up your “athletic & leisure” style.

First, let’s break down the term “Ath-leisure” = athletic + lesiure... A simple term that bridges the worlds of fashion and fitness together. You can go from a business meeting, the gym, and to a night out with your friends by adding or removing staple pieces in your outfit. Here are a few things to keep in mind when styling Athleisure clothing from formal to informal events: if the event you are heading to is more formal, then incorporating a minimal athleisure piece to your outfit will spice up your look and keep it appropriate for a dinner party or business meeting. Try a bomber jacket, leggings, or long coat for these events! A great versatile piece that works with any #ootd is Revel’s Angular Zip Sweater. The sleek and versatile grey color pairs well with many different looks and the sleek design of the sweater will gives an edgier look.

If the event is more informal, then it allows you to incorporate more athletic clothing in your overall outfit.  The ponte knit fabric of the Angular Zip Sweater wicks out any type of moisture, keeping you cool throughout your activities. The best details are the zipping options, where you can zip into a cowl neck or a dress handkerchief neckline. Zip the bottom of the sweater for a put together and structured piece, or unzip to release into a flowing cape!

Are you thinking about how you’re going to accessorize your new athleisure looks? Always remember to keep things simple, classic, and sleek when accessorizing your Athleisure fit. Revel’s Suede Cap can be worn with almost any outfit. With its cream color and simple design, this one versatile piece of clothing will complete your overall look. Now that we’ve discussed how to wear Athleisure clothing to formal and informal events, let’s learn how to accessorize these looks to complete them. Follow seasonal Athleisure wear trends, don’t overload on the accessories, and always remember your own personal style because that’s what’s going to make you stand out amongst the other trend setters around you. Now go out into the world and explore your passion for Athleisure wear. Just be yourself and the rest will follow :)