Business Insider Says that Athleisure is not just a Trend: It’s Here to Stay

We all love our comfy and functional gym clothes, but are they versatile enough to  wear outside of the gym as well? What was once considered a trend in the 2010s, the term known as “athleisure”, a combination of workout and casual clothing, is now a style that is here to stay. Athleisure is a combination of durability and comfort, and can even be categorized as a hybrid of business casual and workout wear. Revel seeks to embody this combination through its functional and fashionable pieces which flow effortlessly from the gym to the board room. The numbers prove the success of the clothing movement: athletic clothing sales went up by 12% in 2015 while retail sales as a whole were stagnant. Fashion insiders see athleisure as an evolution opposed to a trend because the look is so functional and easy to style. These clothes fit the culture of the busy working American woman, and are here to stay.