Revelwear Designer, Inez Galvez, Talks Fashion on NBC News

"Galvez launched her contemporary sportswear line last week, during New York Fashion Week, at hip-hop mogul Damon Dash's gallery, Poppington, in the hopes of setting a standard of being simultaneously fashion-forward and easily-accessible."

“I wanted to create something that’s true to who I am and works for all the different type of women I know. What about tall, strong, curvy and 5’5”? That’s the modern American woman from coast to coast,” said Galvez. “Revel celebrates a spectrum of women not represented in the fashion industry.”

Revel’s Creative Director, Kayla Jones, met Galvez during college. “We would have long, deep talks about how to change the art world and make more room for girls like us—brown and unconventional,” said Jones. “We want to push it further and see real girls represented in fashion.”

Revel’s motto, “Play in your power,” is about pursuing one’s passion more so than it is about being physically fit. “We’re not packaging or selling a look,” said Jones. “Revel is a holistic lifestyle brand that’s about going after your dreams and doing you.” Jones

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